The Organic Liquid Plant Food is organic, easy to use, earth friendly liquid plant food extracted from ethically grown and harvested Canadian Kelp that will help your plants grow happier with fuller foliage. Our fertilizer is 100% plant based and does not contain synthetic chemical ingredients, sulfuric acid, petroleum and other harmful elements often found in other plant foods.

There is no faster way to get bushier plants than to cut and propagate and the Organic Liquid Plant Food supports the establishment of roots. Take some cuttings, add 1 pump of plant food per litre of water, then just sit back and watch the roots grow. Reunite them together when established to get a fuller plant.

The Plant Wellness Foliage Spray is organic, easy to use, earth friendly pest prevention extracted from cold-processed neem oil. It is a natural and effective way to keep your plants healthy and pest free. Our foliage spray is 100% plant based, inhibits 170 insect species, non-toxic to humans and wildlife and does not contain synthetic chemical ingredients and other harmful ingredients often found in pest control sprays.

The Plant Wellness Foliage Spray is a natural and effective way to keep your plants healthy and pest free. While it kills a wide range of insects and can be used as a miticide and fungicide, it does not harm birds or beneficial insects and soil-loving creatures, can safely be used on food, leaves no dangerous residue in the soil, and is safe to use at home.

When using the Organic Liquid Plant Food you are actively feeding your plant 2 natural growth hormones and 70 trace minerals which are naturally derivide from our Canadian Kelp. It is a complete feed that contains both Macro and Microbe nutrients. Your plant will respond to these ingredients with stronger roots and shoots and healthier foliage.

When using the Plant Wellness Foliage Spray you are actively treating harmful pests, miticide and fungicide, removing dust from the foliage to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis and giving the foliage a shine to improve its appearance.

This improves the wellbeing of your plant and removes natural pressures that limit its potential.

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Other Questions

We recommend you keep your products in a cool place away from direct light. This advice applies for all Fuliage products, regardless of whether they are contained in glass, plastic or aluminium. The label on your Fuliage product also displays specific instructions for best practises.

We are committed to establishing practices that eliminate waste and support the continued use of our packaging. As such, we have introduced a refill option on the majority of our 500mL products, which features a screw-cap closure in place of a pump. Customers’ reuse of pumps when refilling will affect a reduction in plastic per product.

We favour amber-coloured glass—traditionally used by the beverage and pharmaceutical industries for housing alcohol and medicinal products—partly because glass is inert and does not interfere with ingredients, but also because dark glass affords its contents a degree of UV protection, minimising the need for preservatives.

We strongly encourage our customers to repurpose their Fuliage packaging. Our glass containers are well suited to reuse as propagation bottles for your plants. 

Should you not have an ongoing use for your Fuliage container, and have access to recycling services, we recommend placing any unwanted glass into municipal recycling bins or alternative local container recovery systems, as these items are commonly recyclable. We recommend seeking guidance from your local council or government website regarding local recycling capabilities and relevant instructions.

Procurement at Fuliage  involves a commitment  to nurturing  the people, plants, communities and environments that support each  part  of our supply chain. Fuliage is  committed to sourcing products, through ethical and sustainable  methods,  and  partnering  with  the most reputable suppliers across the globe.