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Fuliage - Best Organic Fertilizer and Pest Control for Indoor Outdoor Plants

Your Secrets to Happier Plants and Fůller Foliage

When we started looking for organic plant wellness solutions, we needed something that was going to work for our many plants (several hundred actually) and support them purposefully. Solutions that were organic in nature, easy to use and worked effectively were not that easy to find in the end.

So, we made our very own and after loving the results within our own plant kingdom, we knew it was time to share our beloved concoctions with the rest of the plant community!

Not all Kelps are created equally

Here is how we made ours →

1. Sustainably Harvested

Ethically grown and hand harvested with only the tip of the Kelp on the pristine Pacific Coast, ensuring the mother plant remains intact and healthy. Will not leach or disrupt top-soil biodiversity, and maintain the ecosystem for marine life.

2. Cold Extraction

Using physical and mechanical extraction in cold temperatures that allow the cell wall to rupture releasing the cell contents and maintains the structural integrity of all the naturally occurring nutrients and biological compounds.

3. Vacuum Concentrate

Following the extraction, the seaweed liquid extract is further concentrated by increasing the percentage of nutrients in a specific volume under controlled atmospheric conditions.

4. Ultrasonic Homogenize

As a final step, the raw concentrated product is subjected to an ultrasound application, which fully mixes and homogenizes the final seaweed concentrate.

Fuliage - Best Organic Fertilizer and Pest Control for Indoor Outdoor Plants

Good for the plant, great for the planet.

We are proudly made in Canada, use only sustainable ingredients, carbon-neutral and are thoughtfully designed. Covering pest pressures, soil enhancements and foliage benefits, we at Fůliage are contributing to our plant community goods that make a true difference for both our houseplants and the planet.